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For the patients we pledge to serve, there is #NoGoingBack

I PLEDGE to honor the lessons we've learned and progress we've made in clinical trials: 

  • We can adapt faster than we thought we could
  • Collaboration between "competitors" is needed to accelerate
  • Our industry has an unparalleled opportunity to make huge  improvements in drug development
  • Patients deserve and want flexible options for trial participation

I PLEDGE to maintain the momentum we gained from new ideas, partnerships, and technology that help us advance life-changing treatments faster

I PLEDGE to keep moving forward and that I will never be satisfied with going back to trial conduct of the past

I PLEDGE to share this charter with my colleagues and peers, and encourage them to pledge to preserve the progress we've made in clinical trials

Amid all the uncertainty, one thing is clear - there is #NoGoingBack.

Craig Lipset
Advisor & Founder
Clinical Innovation Partners

Allyson Small
Chief Operating Officer 

Scott Connor
Chief Marketing Officer
Signant Health

Maimah Karmo
President & CEO
Tigerlily Foundation

Sung Poblete
Chief Executive Officer
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Aaditya Patel - ValidCare

Aaron Peachey - VirTrial

Abeezer Tapia - Verily Life Sciences

Abhinava Chava - ERT

Adam Bianchi - CliniPose

Adam Blackburn - YPrime

Adam Brown - ClinArk Inc.

Adam Butler - Koneksa

Adam Federman - Remarque Systems

Adam Samson - Curebase

Adam Swanson - Greenphire

Adama Ibrahim

Adeebah Adams - Sanofi

Adina Tapalaga - Signant Health

Adrian Valor - SnapMD

Agnieszka Klawiter-Tsallos - Signant Health

Ahinoa - AiCure

Aidan Gannon - Longboat

Ailene Hert

Aimee Gutzler - Questex/Fierce Life Sciences

Aisha Milton - Bayer Pharmacueticals US

Aisha Mtwana - Worldwide Clinical Trials

Akanksha Bisht - PPD

Akanksha Bisht - PPD

Al Meyer - Signant Health

Al Pacino - BlueCloud by

Aldwin Aldana, MS, RQAP-GLP, MRQA - Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.

Aleks Hartzler - Clinical Ink

Alex Deyle - Flatiron Health

Alex Doan - Clinical Ink

Alex Rokotas - Bayer

Alexa Berk - Ciitizen

Alexandra Citea - Signant Health

Alexandra Giardino - Science 37

Alexandra Zecca - Greenphire

Alexandro Arenas - Science 37

Alexandru Buzduga - Signant Health

Alexandru Serban

Alexis Gabard - Clinical Ink

Alexis McKenney - Parexel

Alfiatu Kamara - Signature Health

Alfredo Cesario - Innovation Sprint sprl

Alina Grecu - ERT

Alisa Dube - Clinical Ink

Alison Muller - Oracle

Aliza Qaiser - World BI

Allison Nachimson - Signant Health

Allison Robinson - AMR

Allyson Lorenti - Signant Health

Allyson Small - Society for Clinical Research Sites

Alyssa Gogel - Signant Health

Aman Khera - Worldwide Clinical Trials

Aman Khera - Worldwide Clinical Trials

Amanda Hayden - Alkermes

Amanda McCloskey - Signant Health

Amanda Rangel - VirTrial

Amarjit Girn

Ami Clark - VirTrial

Amie Ehlin - Clinical Ink

Amir Kalali - CNS Summit

Amir Lahav - Digital Health and Clinical Trial Advisor

Ammer Ishaque - ERT

Amy - Boehringer Ingelheim

Amy Apostoleris - Syneos Health

Amy Ives

Amy Louthan - Clinical Ink

Amy McIntosh - THREAD Research

Amy Neubauer - Alkermes

Amy Sitnick - Greenphire

Ana Gutterman - BioPharma Resources

Ana T. Marquez - Clinical Site Partners, LLC

Andrea - Boehringer Ingelheim

Andrea Maierhofer - ERT

andrea moeller-mrachacz - bayer AG

Andreas Hedlund - Viedoc Technologies AB

Andreea Mertic - Signant Health

Andrei Lupu Signant Health

Andrei Lupu - Signant Health

Andrei Lupu - Signant Health

Andrei Tapalaga - SignantHealth

Andrew Gubera - Medrio, Inc.

Andrew Kimball - Meridian Clinical Research

Andrew Mills - ERT

Andrew Thomas - Studies&Me

Andrew Viliamas - Signant Health

Andy Gurd - mdgroup

Andy Hackett - ERT

Andy Hinks - Signant Health

Andy Walker - Virtrial

Aneta Woroniecka-Osio - Bayer Inc.

Angel D. Harris - Clinical Ink

Angela Cotet - Signant Health

Angela May - Bayer

Angelina Filip - Signant Health

Anh Trinh - SnapMD

Anicette Richardson LPN CCRC - Clinical Research Nurse

Anita Kay LaMonica - Unity Health - Searcy Medical Center

Ann VC - Self Care Catalysts Inc

Anna Argyris - Veeva

Anna Argyris - Daintree Research

Anna Baratelle - ERT

Anna Sjostedt - Signant Health

Annalisa Pricener - Signant Health

Anniina Tamminiemi - Signant Health

Anqi Zhou - ERT

Anthony Costello - Medidata

Anthony Legere - Montrium

Anthony Londino - Med-Con Technologies LLC

Anthony Ornek - Veeva Systems

Antonio Mastroianni - Viedoc Technologies AB

Anuradha Ojha - Signant Health

April - Clinical Ink

april lewis - Veeva

Apurba Mustafa - ERT

Archana Sah - Tizona Therapeutics

Aristotle Pantelis

Arttu Heikkila - Signant Health / R&D

Arun Yarlagadda - ERT

Ashish Kumar - Parexel

Ashley Burns - Datacubed Health

Ashley Childs - ERT

Ashley Davidson - Veeva Systems

Ashley Reynolds - IQVIA


Austin Weaver - uMotif Limited

Avi Kulkarni - Accenture

Axel Stael von Holstein - Viedoc

B Pavan Kumar - Signant Health

Balakrishna Mandala - Signant Health

Baljit Klear - Oracle Health Sciences

Barbara Blileu - Medrio

Barbara Manning - Suncoast Clinical Research

Barbara Skerritt -

Barbara Wenrich

Barry Brennan - IQVIA

Barry Williamson - Signant Health

Beatrice Tedeschi - Clinical Outcomes at Oxford University Innovation

Beau Bruneau - Florence Healthcare

Becky Slawik - Cancer Treatment of America

Behtash Bahador - CISCRP

Ben Aldridge - Worldwide Clinical Trials

Ben Schlatka - Medidata

Benjamin A. Adetunji - Carolinas Research Center

Beth Bieze - ProTrials Research

Beth Childree - Emerald Coast Research Associates

Beth Langley - eResearch Technology

Betsy Reid - Paidion Research, Inc.

Bianca Garcia - Absolute Clinical Research

Bianca Rose Phillips

Bicky Mthombeni - Sanofi

Bildad St Louis - Clear Space Technology LLC

Bill Byrom - Signant Health

Bill Mitchell - Clinical Ink

Bill Primwhere - Bioclinica

Biren Thakkar - PRA HealthSciences

Bogdan Adam - Signant Health

Bonner Clifford - Signant Health

Bradd Pearsons - Signant Health

Brady Keeter - Clinical Ink

Brandy Starks - Clinical Trials in Color Foundation

Bree Burks - Veeva Systems

Brenda Ware

Brent Proulx - Select Medical

Brett Hoover - ERT

Brett Kleger - Datacubed Health

Brian Buckmaster - Greenphire

Brian Dimit - Medrio, Inc.

Brian Harrington - ERT

Brian Horan - SupplyRx, Inc.

Brian McAllister - Signant Health

Brian Olson - Clinical Ink

Brian Smith - ERT

Briana Dunham - Signant Health

Bridget Mitchell - Clinical Ink

Brien Hawley - AiCure

Brock McConnehey - Northwest Clinical Trials

Bruce Hellman - uMotif

Bryce Walat - ERT

Burayayi Brian Mukudzavu - Axis Solutions

Cacsar Matos

Caitlin Chrisey - Clinical Ink

Cal Collins - OpenClinica

Cale Pruitt - NAMSA

Calvin Spring - Signant Health

Candace Friend Shelton - Clinipace

Carley McCobb - TrialScope

Carlos Robles - Keck Graduate Institute

Carlos Rodarte - Volar Health

Carly Benford - VirTrial

Carmen J. Ostermeier - AMCR Institute, Inc.

Carol K. Robertson-Plouch - Convergence Bioscience

Carol Tester - YPrime

Caroline Jackson

Caroline Redeker - Advanced Clinical

Carolyn Peterson - eClinical Solutions

Carolyn Peterson - eClinical Solutions

Casey Orvin - StudyKIK

Casey Quinlan - Mighty Casey Media

Cassandra Catlett

Cassandra Tramutola - TrialScope Inc.

Cassie Butler - Signant Health

Cathy Molohan - Yuvedo Foundation

Ceciley Brinn - Halo Health Systems

Cecilia Underwood - Medrio

Charlene Wright - Clinical Ink

Charlie Foy - ERT

Charlotte Bradshaw - Evrima Technologies

Chase Carmeans - YPrime

Cheryl Bromke - Signant Health

Cheryl Melendez - CTCA - Philadelphia

Cheryl Sheets RN - Diagnostics Research Group

Chetana Trivedi - Brii Biosciences

Chigusa Yamashita - Tohoku University Hospital

Chirague Jamnadas - Signant Health

Chris Acitelli - Signant Health

Chris Clancy - Medidata

Chris Conklin - Pfizer

Chris Hoyle - Elite Research Network

Chris Krabbe - Signant Health

Chris Mathura - IQVIA

Chris Muco - Trialscope

Chris Tetley - THREAD

Chris Venezia - TrialScope

Christi Wilkerson - Medidata

Christian McGowan - ERT

Christian Seitz - Bayer AG

Christina Hughes - Medrio

Christina Masturzo - TrialScope

Christine Chery -

Christine M Rachev - CTCA Cinical Research Inc.

Christine McMahon - Signant Health

Christine Von Raesfeld - People with Empathy

Christophe Deloison - Signant Health

Christophe Kisiela - ERT

Christopher Ceppi - Science 37

Christopher Poppe - capstone clinical research

Christopher W. Kennedy - mdgroup

Christopher Zammitti - ERT

Christy Filgueiras - Drug Studies America

Christy Shultz - Sundance Clinical Research

Ciaran Cooper - BioTel Research

Cindhuja Pandian - Syneos Health

Cindi Nellis - Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc. & hyperCORE International

Cindy Howry - .assisTek

Cindy Quinnell

Cindy Warren - PCM Trials

Ciprian Chelariu - Signant Health

Claire Russell - PRA Health Sciences

Clara Gniazdowski - Greenphire

Clarissa Contreras - SnapMD

Claudine Collas - ERT

Colin Myers - Circuit Clinical / TrialScout

Coreen Barker - Wits CHRU

Cory Gutterman - Medical Research Network

Craig Lipset - Clinical Innovation Partners

Craig Serra - Novartis

Crystal Neely - Meridian Clinical Research

Cynthia Edwards - THREAD

Cynthia Lunn - ERT

Dace Dimza-Jones - NIHR CRN GM

Dalia Alvarez - International Research Associates

Dan Calvert - Signant Health

Dan DeBonis - Signant Health

Dan Horsey - Signant Health

Dan McDonald - Imperial Clinical Research Services

Dan McDonald - Imperial Clinical Research Services

Dan Milam - Society for Clinical Research Sites

Dan Weddle - WCCT Global

Dani Stancic

Daniel - Signant Health

Daniel A Spyker, PhD, MD - Oregon Health & Science University

Daniel Bouganim - Virtrial

Daniel Buleu - SignantHealth

Daniel Fitzgerald - PRA Health Sciences

Daniel Herron - Lionbridge Life Sciences

Daniel Kappel - Illingworth Research Group

Daniel Neumann - ERT

Daniella Guzman - Medrio

Darcy Grabenstein - TrialScope

Dario Deagostini - Signant Health

Darionne Hatcher - Pfizer Inc.

Darlene Seitz - Society for Clinical Research Sites

Darrick G - Clinical Ink

Darrin Kiessling - Accelerated Enrollment Solutions

Daryn - Actalent Services

Dave Hanaman - Curavit

Dave Quigley - Didgebridge LLC

Dave Quigley - Didgebridge LLC

Dave Ryan - Signant Health

David Fantini - Oracle Health Science

David Fishbach - Excel Executive Business Advisors

David Franklin - knowRX Health

David Franklin - knowRX Health

David Horsley - ERT

David Hsu - Signant Health

David Kissinger, RN -

David Laky - TrialScope

David Lipsitz, MD - CliniSpan Health

David Moskowitz MD -

David Sall - Patient Enrollment Advisors

David Stark -

David Swanger - Medable

David Vulcano - HCA Healthcare

DavidC - Virtrial

Dawn Barry - LunaPBC

Debbie Johnson - SnapMD Healthcare

Debbie Swoboda - Clinical Ink

Debi Maloney - ERT

Deborah Bauman - ERT

Deborah Freeman - Pfizer, Inc.

Deborah Plennert - Remarque Systems

Debra Rogge - AstraZeneca

Debra Weinstein, MD - Science37

DeeAnn Taylor-Rivera - SRCS

Deepthi Kommuri - Signant Health

Deirdre BeVard

Demetris Zambas - Pfizer

Denean Allen - Greenphire

Denisa Chirita - Bayer

Denise Ordonio - Greenphire

Dennis Seitz - SnapmD

Deric Frost - VirTrial

Dermot Kenny

Deundrea Ford-Harris

Diane Gross - Lupus Research Alliance

Diane Hollman - HRI trials

Diane Roberts - Signanthealth

Diane Wealand - Clinical Ink

Diego Glancszpigel - Signant Health

Divya S - SnapMd

Dominic Farmer - Cisiv Ltd

Dominic Mancini - Arbour Group LLC

Donaldo Lopez Maldonado - VirTrial

Donato Bonifazi - Italian Association of Clinical Research Organisations

Donato Bonifazi - CVBF

Donna Reed - ERT

Donovan Flynn - SignantHealth

Dora Mugambi

Dori Milburn - SnapMD

Dorothee Fuller - Clinical Ink

Doug Pierce - Clinical Ink

Douglas Osborne - Signant Health

Dr Franziska Rieay - ERT

Dr Graham Wylie - MRN

Dr. Akshay Shah - S4 Research Private Limited

Dr. Henryette Schatt - YPrime

Dr.Rajendrakumar Bidari - BRKINS


Dyan Bryson - Inspired Health Strategies

Ed Miseta - Clinical Leader

Ed Seguine - Clinical Ink

Ede Faludi - DACHS GmbH

Edoardo Madussi - Euromed Pharma US Inc.

Eduardo Hans - Signant Health

Edward Ford - Medidata

Edwin Chen - Virtrial

Ekaterina - SnapMD

Elisa Poggi - Insight Clinical Trials LLC

Elisa Rodgers

Elise Felicione - Janssen Research & Development, Inc.

Eliza Gavrilita - Signant Health

Eliza Silvester - Capgemini

Elizabeth DAmato - TrialScope

Elizabeth Goessling - ERT

Elizabeth Jones - Signant Health

Elizabeth L MacLeod

Elizabeth Smith - FND Hope

Ella Sawtell - Absolutely Health

Ellen Durand - ERT

Ellen Price - Meridian Clinical Research

Ellen Price - Meridian Clinical Research

Ellen Weiss - PCM Trials Home Visits

Ellie Otto - Greenphire

Emad Elsayed - Jahra Hospital

Emil Hoeck - VirTrial

Emily Blum - Worldwide Clinical Trials

Emily Dekelly-Gaughan - Clinical Ink

Emily Freeman - Lundbeck

Emily Lane - San Jose State University

Emma Rose - Clinical Ink

Emmanuele VIANO d'ANGELA

Eric Delente - Medidata

Eric Gaffen - ERT

Eric Keller - Greenphire

Eric Kisthart - ERT

Eric Klaver - Trial & Eric

Eric Mackelprang - Greenphire

Eric Phanthavong - Signant Health

Erica Smith - Tools4Patient

Ericka - Signant Health

erika hanson brown - CancerLife Today

Eshmeet Singh - Advarra

Eugene Korolev - Signant Health

Evan Hahn - TSS

Evan Hahn - TSS

Evan McKillakove - ERT

Falak - Signant Health

Fanayea Dejen-Crooks - Pfizer

Fang Huang

Fanny Kaufmann - Takeda

Farzad Wafapoor - Care Access

Felipe Cardenas - Signant Health

Felix Pages - Harmony Clinical Research Inc.

Felix Tsang - Signant Health

Fiona Maini - Medidata

Fiona Shepheard - Boehringer Ingelheim

Florea Eugen - Signant Health

Florence Mowlem - Signant Health

Florian Schnabel - ClinGenius

Florian Schnabel - ClinGenius

Floris Morang - Castor

Fran Ross

Fran Ross

Frances DeSena - Syneos Health

Franchesca Gomez Flores - SnapMD

Francine Duc - Mdgroup

Francisco Chong - Virtrial

Frank Balser

Frank Modica - Trialscope

Franziska Limacher - Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital

Franziska Limacher - Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital

Fred Martin - Medrio

Fredrik Hansson - CTC AB

Fredrik L - Hamling



Gareth Bartlett - Blinx Solutions

Gareth Powell - NIHR Clinical Research Network

Gary Seith - Signant Health

Gavin Birchnall - uMotif

Geert Hof - CRP

Gena Gough - Clinical Ink

Geoffrey Gill - Shimmer Research, Inc.

Georg Reimer - Korber Pharma

George Dorsett - Trialbee

George Tierney - VirTrial

Gerald E Finken - RxE2

Gerald Sirag - TrialScope

Geri Novak - Chesapeake Clinical Research, Inc.

Ghaith Mitri, MD, MMM, FACR

Gian Baio

Gil Bashe - Finn Partners, Health Practice

Ginger Phillips - Greenphire

Giulio Cerroni - IXICO

Gizella Fonseca -

Gopin Patel - Clinicalink

Gorette De Jesus - SJGHC

Grace B. Charrier - Cancer Convos with Grace B.

Grace B. Charrier - Cancer Convos with Grace B.

Grace B. Charrier - Cancer Convos with Grace B

Grace Castillo-Soyao - Self Care Catalysts

Grace Charrier - Cancer Convos with Grace B.

Grant Stopperich - Signant Health

Grant Watson - Clinical Ink

Grayson Ferrante - BMS

Greg Jones - Exemplar Research, Inc.

Gretchen Goller - ICON plc

Gretchen Goller - Seageb

Hammam Omar

Hammam omar - Manner care

Hanna Skeppner - Medidata

Hannah Gittleman - Curebase, Inc.

Harishankar Thamburankandy - GSK

Harjinder Virk - Signant Health

Hasan Mahmud - LifeData

Hassan Kadhim - Bristol Myers-Squibb

Heather Bilinski - Signant Health

Heather Blackwell - Signant Health

Heather DeCarlo - SnapMD

Heather Diederich - CCT Research

Heather Ferreira - BTC of New Bedford

Heather Mehler - Signant Health

Heather Thompson - LIDO, Inc.

Heidi J Katz RPH - HJK Consulting Gr LLC

Heidi J Katz RPH - HJK Consulting Gr LLC

Helen Williams - Vitaccess

Henryette Schatt - Cenduit

Hiro Takata - Clinical Ink

Holly Butterfield - Clinical Ink

Holly Huntington - Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy (PICI)

Hugh Caplan

Hugh Jenkins - SnapMD

Ian Morrison - Stewartson & Associates Limited

Ian Scholes

Ian Strouse - Clinical Ink

Ian Terry - LunaPBC

Ignacio Handal - Clinicom

Ilan Sussan - Greenphire

Ines Altemose - Self

inga Bakman - Signant Health

Injety Manish Das Sajit - Signant Health

Irfan Khan - Circuit Clinical

Irida Manika - Innovation Sprint Sprl

Irina Bozhenko - Medidata Solutions

Irina Sfideneac - Signant Health

Isabelle Viellard Pelve - YonaLink

Israel Abraira - Centro de Investigacion Clinica Chapultepec

Ivain Banguela - Nuren Medical and Research Center

Ivan Jarry - ObvioHealth

Ivanka Todorova - SMO Bulgaria

Jaakko Anttonen - Signant Health

Jackie Robinson - Signant Health

Jaclyn Spedaliere - TrialScope Inc.

Jacqueline Denomey - ERT

Jalene Barnhart - Clinical Site Partners, LLC

James Devlin - ERT

James Pishock - Signant Health

Jamie White - Amherst Family Practice

Jan Pieter Kappelle - 4G Clinical

Jane Jenkins - HGI & Affinity Network

Janet Kennedy - Spencer Health Solutions

Janine Dyer - ProTrials Research

Janusz Kabata - GP4research

Jari Taunimaa - Signant Health

Jason Coury - SnapMD

Jason Driesbaugh - ERT

Jason Layton - Jacobs Capital

Jason Marks - Green Room Life Sciences Ltd

Jason Phillips - Protocol First, Inc.

Jason Preston - ERT

Jason Roth - Platinum Research Network

Jason Spivey - Signant Health

Jason Starke - ERT

Jay Lee - virtrial

Jaydev Thakkar - Biofourmis

Jean Baptiste B. YARO - INSP/CNRFP Burkina Faso

Jean Stimola-Sposaro - Bristol Myers Squibb

Jean-Marie Aulnette - Signant Health

Jeff Gould - The Concinnity Company

Jeff Gould - The Concinnity Company

Jeff Huntsman - J Boys Consulting

Jeff Kasher - Patients Can't Wait

Jeff Kozloff - TrialScope

Jeff Rogers - Crucial Data Solutions

Jeff Stein - Stamford Therapeutics Consortium

Jeffrey Fraser - Signant Health

Jeffrey Smyth - MOORE Clinical Research, Inc

Jemel Kyles - SnapMD

Jen Reichuber

Jen Reichuber -

Jen Yip - IQVIA

Jenna Bahel - Clinical Ink

Jenna Crisp - TrialScout

Jenna Stapf - ERT

Jennifer Atchere Johnson - Independent GCP QA Consultancy

Jennifer Burgess - TransCelerate BioPharma, Inc.

Jennifer Byrne - Javara Inc.

Jennifer Keyser - Worldwide Clinical Trials

Jennifer Manship - Health Decisions

Jennifer Price - THREAD

Jennifer Selk - Suncoast Clinical Research

Jennifer Spooner - IQVIA

Jenny - Veeva Systems

Jenny Hahn - Roche

Jenny Hahn - Roche

Jenny McGrath

Jesse Solomon - Clinical Ink

Jessi Beaulieu - Pfizer

Jessica Derr - TriNetX

Jessica Italia - Clinical Ink

Jessica McCoy - Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Jessica Meyer - Signant Health

Jessica Romero - Clinical Ink

Jhonatan Bringas Dimitriades - Corsano Health

Jill Platko - Signant Health

Jill Smith - Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Jill Tygh - Medrio

Jill Van Deusen - Signant Health

Jill Zinszer - Greenphire

Jillian Cormier - eResearch Technologies

Jillian Cueto - Meridian Clinical Research

Jim Kremidas - ACRP

Jim Sowash - ERT

Jim Streeter - Oracle Health Sciences

Jim Tolley - ERT

Jim Weller - ERT

Jimmy Bechtel - SCRS

Jivan Achreja - Advarra

Jo Ann Haase - Hunter's Quest to Cure CMT

Joachim Loevin - Novo Nordisk A/S

Joachim Loevin - Novo Nordisk A/S

Joan McClurg - SCRS

Joan Stefanick - Clinical Ink

Joanna Kemp - CureDuchenne

JoAnne Schaberick - Pro-ficiency

Joanne Smith - Glacier View Research Institute

Joanne Szmereta - Cancer Treatment Center of America - CRI

Jocelyn Watson - Signant Health

Joe Dustin - Bristol Myers Squibb

Joe Gogolak - Clinical Ink

Joel Ebuh - Gadolin Research

Joel Morse - Curavit Clinical Research

John Bailey - ERT

John Bunch - Thread Research

John Cargill

John Carlos Diaz - GeoSera

John Edwards - Clinical Ink

John Hudak - IVR Clinical Concepts, Inc.

John Hutchin - ERT

John Manns - PPD

John Mathews - Greenphire

John Merkel - TransPerfect: Trial Interactive

John Overend - Viedoc Technologies

John Reites - THREAD

Jon Newton - PRA Health Sciences

Jon Ward - Aspen Clinical Research

Jonas Farnung - eResearch Technology

Jonathan Andrus - Clinical Ink

Jonathan Mackinnon - Parexel

Jonathan Mackinnon - Parexel

Jonathan Moshinsky - uMotif

Jonathan Palmer - Oracle Health Sciences

Jonathan Volpe - TrialScope, Inc.

Joni Ward - TrialScope

Jorge Velasco Zamora - CER Research Institute

Jose Cedeno - ERT

Joseph Harrington - VirTrial

Joseph Kim

Joseph Pierro - ERT

Joseph Reddy - Signant Health

Joseph Schmidt - Medidata

Joshua-Kyle Hughes - Signant Health

JP Chandra Sekhara Reddy - Signant Health

Judy Galindo - Sun Valley Research Center, Inc.

Judy Parsons - SnapMD Telemedicine

Juliana DeVito - Meridian Clinical Research

Julie Dick - Signant Health

Julien Baudoin - ERT

Juliet Hulse - Illingworth Research

Justin Akonful - Clinical Ink

Justin Henri - Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit (Peter Mac)

Jyotika Bansal - Parexel

Kaitlyn Esposito - Bobby Jones Chiari & Syringomyelia Fdn

Kaline - Bayer

Kami Halsey - Principle Research Solutions


Karen Bailey - Signant Health

Karen Best - SAHMRI

Karen Harley - Signant Health

Karen Kolin - Oviedo Medical Research

Karen Obmaces - Accurate Clinical Research

Karen Ruthven - Global Clinical Site Assessment Ltd

Karen White - SnapMD

Karla Hansen - Cancer Treatment Centers of America - Midwest

Karolina Szynal - ERT

Karri Venn - LMC Manna Research / hyperCORE International

Kat Dutton - NIHR Clinical Research Network

Katarina Zivanovic - VirTrial

Katarzyna Janecek - Meditrial

Kate Mikus - Signant Health

Kate Prior - IQVIA

Kate Pristas - ERT

Kate Sexton

Kate Tipton - Medrio

Katelyn A Cartwright - Clinical Ink

Kath Coleman - Bayer

Katherine Luca Nicholson - Signant Health

Katherine Vandebelt - Oracle Health Science

Kathleen Allen - Clinical Ink

Kathleen Castro - SnapMD

Kathleen Haft - LINEA System

Kathleen Hurtado - Cancer Treatment Centers of America, CRI

Kathleen Tevlin-Nulty - Veeva Systems

Kathleen Tevlin-Nulty - Veeva Systems

Kathryn Cole - ICON/Accellacare

Kathryn Davidson - Clinical Ink

Katie Chiu - Medidata Solutions

Katie Degnen - Signant Health

Katie Elisio - Signant Health

Katie Garner - Signant Health

Katie Gnatt - Clinical Ink

Katie Morrow - ERT

Katie Winter - Pharm-Olam

Katy Preciado - IQVIA

Katya Tsaioun - Akttyva Therapeutics

Kay Scroggins - Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc.

Kees van Ooik - Your Research

Keith Liggett - Leadgate Healthcare Consulting

Keith Mathews - Clinical & Herbal Innovations

Keith Tode - 2M Clinical, LLC

Keli Platco - Signant Health

Kellie Rutledge - BioTel Research

Kelly McKee

Kelly Rackley - ERT

Kelsey Cirka - ERT

Kelsey Jakee - PA Consulting

Kelsey McMahon - Signant Health

Kelvin Miller - ERT

Kemi Olugemo - Akcea Therapeutics

Ken Clark - Accelerate eClinical

Ken Faulkner - ERT

Ken Kubota - Kinetikdata

Ken Light - ClinScape LLC (Consultant to Industry)

Ken Lownie - Agatha Inc

Kendal Whitlock - Boehringer Ingelheim

Kenneth Ray Boren - PCRI

Keshia Baskerville - Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Kevin Bishop - Bioclinica

Kevin Keenan - ERT

Kevin Leete

Kevin Thornton - PRA Health Sciences

Kevin Wightman - Illingworth Research Group

Kevin Williams - Ledger Run

Khedkar Sambhaji - CTDesign Clinical Research Pvt.Ltd. Pune.

Kim Kundert - VirTrial

Kim Rejndrup - Anju Software

Kim Walpole -

Kim Whittemore

Kimberly Butash - Signant Health

Kimberly Kaiser - Kim Kaiser and Associates, LLC

Kimberly Romanello - Clinical Ink

Kip Anderson

Kiran Asma - Sunbeam Clinical Research

Kirill Soldatov - PSI CRO AG

Kirk McPoyle

Kishore Kumar - Consilx Digital

Klaus Grywna - Proinnovera GmbH

Knute Martell - MedPoint Digital

Kris MacDermant - Medable

Kris MacDermant - Medable

Kris Sarajian - Signant Health

Kristal Heiry - Medrio

Kristi Flores - Signant Health

Kristina Davidsson - Signant Health

Kristina Karagiorgis - SnapMD

Kristina Lowe - ERT

Kristine Davock - Signant Health

Kristine Majors RN, MS - Integrated CLinical Trial Services, Inc.

Kyle Hogan - Clinical Ink

Kyle Ricketts - THREAD

Kyle Smith - Jumo Health

Kyle Watkins - Clinical Ink

Lammert Albers - IXICO plc

LaQuinta Jernigan - mdgroup

Larry Reynolds - Signant Health

Laura DiCindio - Signant Health

Laura Marie Ralston - ERT

Laura Walters - Clinical Ink

Lauren - Signant Health

Lauren Foreman - Platinum Research Network, Lauren Foreman, Inc

Lauren Keddie - Koneksa

Lauren Lovelace - TrialScope

Lauren Novasitis - Formerly Pfizer

Lauren Sunshine - AiCure

Laurie Halloran - Halloran Consulting Group, Inc

Laurie Witherwax

Laurin - Medrio

Leah Iles - mdgroup

Leigh Anne Minnier - TransCelerate BioPharma

Leigh Burger

Leigh Quigg - Medidata

Leigha Arbic - Merck

Leila - ERT

Leila Ossio - Clinical Ink

Leisel Koerber - Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc.

Len Rosenberg - LLS/BeatAML

Leo SHI - Dassualt Systems

Les Smith

Les Yates - THREAD

Leslee Sheffield - Capgemini

Lesli DeSimone - Bigfoot Biomedical, Inc.

Leslie Garrett - Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Leslie McKay - eResearch Technologies, Inc.

Leslie Pascaud - ObvioHealth

Leticia Bida - LINEA System

Lew Fredane - Signant Health

Linda Berkowitz - Signant Health

Lindsay Frank - Clinical Ink

Lisa A. Shipley - Merck and Company

Lisa B. Amory - Charlottesville Medical Research Center, LLC

Lisa Banket - PharmaLinx/PharmaVOICE

Lisa Bauman - Zenith Epigenetics

Lisa J Saunds - Absolutely Advertising Ltd

Lisa Ritz - Drug Development Program Management Consultant

Lisa Ritz - Biopharma PPC, LLC

Lisa Thomas - Solutions through Advanced Research, Inc.

Lloryn Hubbard - Genentech/ Roche

Lois Carpenter - Eastern Regional Medical Center, Inc., DBA Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Philadelphia

Lollo Eriksson - Trialbee

Loredana Vasile

Lorenza Capantini - Viedoc Technologies

Lori P-Clark

Louisa Maitland - Informa

Luca Dozza

Lucia Kufa - Glacier View Research Institute

Lucia Rodriguez - Absolute Clinical Research

Lucia Rodriguez - EVOLVE Clinical Research

Luis Rios

Luke Basta - Signant Health

Lynda Fielding - Bayer

Lynda Fielding - Bayer

Lynn - Signant Health

Madalina Plesca - Signant Health

Majd Mirza - Viedoc Technologies

Mallory Frazier - Javara Research

Manish Khatri - EY

Manish Kumar - Oracle

Mao Navoa

Marah Walsh - PharmaVOICE

Marcella Monia - ERT

Marcus Maleck - The Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS)

Marek Subrt - Signant Health

Margarida Novais - Signant Health

Mari Morelos

Maria Hill - Virtrial

Maria Kerwin - Signant Health

Maria Oldfield - Bayer

Maria Oldfield - Bayer

Marian Vieru - Signant Health

Mariangela Oikonomou

Marianne Bonner - CTCA- Philadelphia

Marianne Tadros - DM Clinical Research

MarieElena Cordisco - Nuvance Health

Marilyn Raffensperger - ERT

Marina Palombini - Pfizer


Mark Evans - Havas Lynx Faze

Mark Gordon - Diviner

Mark Grossman - GoMo Health

Mark Hanley - VirTrial

Mark Hogendobler - AiCure

Mark Joing - Mojo Trials

Mark Lambrecht - SAS

Mark Smith - ERT

Mark Wheeldon - Formedix

Martin Blaschke - ERT

Martin Ohrt - Liita Care

Martina Micaletto - Signant Health

Mary D'Rozario - Clinical Research Performance, Inc.

Mary Gallagher - Veeva Systems

Mary Keller - Clinical Ink

Mary Petrany - Matrix Medical Network

MaryAnne Rizk, PhD - IQVIA

Marybeth Lynch - Excelerate BioPharma Consulting

Matt Baker - VirTrial

Matt Johnson - Clinical Ink

Matt Lowery - Suncoast Neuroscience Associates

Matt Noble - Medidata

Matt O'Donnell - Microsoft

Matt Patras - TrialScope

Matt Williams - Clinical Ink

Matthew Boldeau - Barrington James

Matthew Boldeau - Barrington James

Matthew Burlew - AiCure

Matthew Gornall - Cenduit

Matthew Kirchoff

Maura KB - Medrio

Maura Maria - Sunovion

Maureen Cleveland - Clinical Ink

Maxim - SnapMd

Maximilian Winter - Harmonix

Maya Zlatanova - FindMeCure

Megan Colburn - Signant Health

Megan Minner - Bristol Myers Squibb

Megan Petrylak - Clinical Ink

Meghan - Clinical Ink

Meghan Morgan - Signant Health

Melanie Gentgall - PRAXIS Australia

Melissa Dupont - Sanofi

Melissa Green - PRA Health Sciences

Melissa Heidelberg - Roche

Melissa Magallanes - Medidata

Melissa Newara - Medrio

Melissa Poindexter Advances In Health

Melissa Rosales - RM Pharma Specialists

Mercedes Barriola - Worldwide Clinical Trials

Michael Ballard - BlackThorn Therapeutics

Michael Bowie - Overlake

Michael Bowie - Overlake

Michael Cerio - SOPHiA Genetics

Michael Collins - MCC

Michael Conde - Signant Health

Michael D. Ward - Greenphire

Michael D'Amico - The Concinnity Company

Michael D'Amico - The Concinnity Company

Michael Hughes - YPrime

Michael Jesselson - Diamond Headache Clinic

Michael Johnson - SnapMD Healthcare

Michael Jones - IQVIA

Michael Kerr - ERT

Michael Lambe - AES

Michael Liebman - IPQ Analytics. LLC

Michael Maddock - Signant Health

Michael McCann - Oracle Health Sciences

Michael Ochotorena - Signant Health

Michael Olenick - Clinical Ink

Michael Scafidi - Signant Health

Michael Schwarz - ERT

Michael Tucker - Medidata

Michael Tuzhilov - Signant Health

Michael W Young - biomedwoRx: Life Sciences Consulting

Michaela Mundle - Novo Nordisk

Michaela Vancova - Slovak research center

Michele Cameron - Clearwater Cardiovascular Consultants

Michelle Adams - ERT

Michelle Hartmann - South Broward Research

Michelle Ladyansky - ERT

Michelle McClurg - ERT

Michelle Nash

Michelle Shogren - Bayer

Mika Lindroos - Signant Health

Mike Hepler - Signant Health

Mike Wenger - TrialScope

Mike Wheeler - Portamedic

Mikko Vaha - SignantHealth

Milagros Nava - Nuren Medical & Research Center/Research

Milind Kamkolkar - Cellarity

Milissa Ronayne - Signant Health

Mingzi Deng - ERT

Miodrag Zivanovic - SnapMD

Miral Parikh - Clinical Ink

Mitch Collins - Adaptive Clinical Systems

Miukie Kamiya-Miller - GeoBlue

Moe Alsumidaie - CliniBiz

Mohammad A. Millwala - DM Clinical Research

Mohammed Ali

Molly Bollig - Virtrial

Molly Downhour - Medix

Monica Roy - Seascape Clinical

Monica Venturella - Signant Health

Monique Garrett - PrismWorks

Morgan Rathbun - SnapMD

Moying Li - Boehringer Ingelheim

Mykola Posokhov - State Institution “Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology of NAMS of Ukraine”

Nadina Jose - NCJ Strategies Inc.

Nadir Alkan - Signant Health

Naeem Khan - Bioscience Research

Nancy Duckwitz - Signant Health

Nancy Falls - The Concinnity Company

Nancy Falls - The Concinnity Company

Nancy Falls - The Concinnity Company

Nancy Falls - The Concinnity Company

Nancy Pire-Smerkanich - University of Southern California

Nancy Sack - ERT

Nancy Umbeck - The Clinical Research Center, LLC

Nancy Umbeck - The Clinical Research Center, LLC

Naor Chazan - TrialScope

Natalie Townsend - Veeva

Natasha Massias - Clinical Ink

Nathalie Borckmans - Modis Life Science

Nathaniel Greer - Clinical Ink

Nazar Hembara -

Neelima Veera - SignantHealth

Neha Verma - Oracle

Neha Verma - Oracle

Neil Hebenton - Signant Health

Nes Masten - medidata

Neta Bendelac - 4G Clinical

Nicholas Blood - Medrio, Inc.

Nicholas White - Ideabytes Inc.

Nick DiLauro - Signant

Nicky Crabtree - EY

Nicola Behlau - Proinnovera GmbH

Nicola Pinion - Signant Health

Nicolae Nechifor - Signant Health

Nicolas Dillmann - ClinGenius

Nicole A. Pollard - Medidata

Nicole Bolton - Signant Health

Nicole Dardes - Signant Health

Nicole Kerr - Signant Health

Nicole Latimer - Medrio

Nicole Necoechea - ERT

Nicole Osborn - Meridian Clinical Research, LLC

Nikil H. Patel - WorldCare Clinical

Nikita Lewis

Nikita Sharma - Signant Health

Nikki Costantino - Firma

Nikki Johnson - Signant Health

Nina Hill, Ph.D. - Hill Scientific and Public Affairs, LLC

Noah Goodson - The Scope Method

Norio Watanabe - Signant Health

Norman Goldfarb - WCG MAGI

Norris Turner - Turner Healthcare Quality Consulting LLC

Nursah Cetinkaya - NER Medical Research Consulting

Oana Acsinte Signant Health

Ola Hasselgren - Link2Trials AB

Olena Shchykovska

Oliver - 4G Clinical

Olivier Flexas - sanofi

Pablo Graiver - IQVIA

Padmaja Nekkalapudi - Signant Health

Paige Infortuna - Greenphire

Pam Cusick - Rare Patient Voice

Pam Seaman - Clinical Ink

Pamela Elias - Signant Health

Pankaj Dhillon - Trialscope

Paolo Morelli - CROS NT

Patricia Flores - Nuren Medical and Research Center

Patricia Gastelum - Signant Health

Patricia McCarty RDCS - ERT

Patricia Susan Larrabee - Rochester Clinical Research

Patrick McCarthy - ValidCare

Paul Chang - Medidata Solutions

Paul Littleton - ERT

Paul Marker - Signant Health

Paul Simms - Impatient Health

Paula Hemdal - ECCRT

Paula Nascimento - Icon Pesquisas

Pauline Roussel - Sanofi

Pavani - Signant Health

Pearson Mateika - Complion

Peter Bennett - ERT

Peter Carlone

Peter Higgins - Signant Health

Peter lammers - Worldwide Clinical Trials

Peter Luong - Signant Health

Peter Payne - Optum

Peyton Howell - Parexel

Pfender Elodie - Limoges Hospital

Philip Bach - Celerion

Pieter - ERT

Pratha Barot - Signant Health

Praveenkumar Karunakaran - ERT

Predrag Stanic - SnapMD

Priya - Oracle health sciences

Rabindranath Bhattacharya - Patient

Rachael Griffin - Roche

Rachel Lind - Science 37

Rachel Lowrey - uMotif

Rachel McGowan - Signant Health

Rad Beltron - a pharmacist

Radhika Butala - Westmead Hospital

Rae Kes Starling - Reveles Clinical Services

Raj Indupuri - eClinical Solutions

Raj Sharma - Root Health

Raj Thota - Merck

Rajesh Jain - PharmaLex

Ralph Passarella - Reify Health

Rama Devi Allu - Signant Health

Rasmus Hogreffe - Medable Inc.

Raul Perez - Oracle Health Sciences

Ravi Grover - Mason -

Raymond D Williams - Signant Health

Raymond van der Waal - Triall

Rebecca Campbell - Signant Health

Rebecca Engler - Celerion

Rebecca Gadsden - Signant Health

Rebekah Woolley - PRA Health Sciences

Reggie Mister - DelRicht Research

Rena Pulles - GCP-Service

Rene Benedict - Platinum Research Network

Reneboi Erl Razon - Signant Health

Renee L. LaRoque - Relaro Medical Trials

Renee Smith - Janssen

Revathy U Thandapani - Innvocept Global Solutions(M)

Reza Vaziri - Signant Health

Rhiannon Strasser - VirTrial

Rhonda Lichtenwalner - PRA

Rich Miller - ERT

Richard Gross - Signant Health

Richard Hayes - Signanathealth

Richard Malcolm - Bingham Associates

Richard Nordstrom - Liberate Ideas Inc

Richardus Vonk - Bayer AG

Richie Kahn - Stetson Consulting

Rick Arlow - Complion, Inc.

Rick Montezuma - VirTrial, LLC

Rick Ward - Trifecta Clinical

Rima - Central Pharmacy Logistics Australia

Ritesh Patel - Ogilvy

Ritu Mittal - Signant Health/R&D

Ritu Singla - Hometown Urgent Care and Research

Rob Parnell - Signant Health

Robert Delghiaccio - Signant Health

Robert Kelle - Oracle Health Sciences

Robert Press - AiCure

Roberta Lusa - Queensland Health

Robin Carrington - ERT

Robin Marcus - GlobalCare Clinical Trials

Robin Roberts

Robin Stevenson - Veeva

Robin Weinick - DIA Global

Rod Nuss - ValidCare

Rodrigo Garcia-Giorgana

Roger Smith - Signant Health

Rolando Medina - VirTrial

Ron Ekundayo - QR

Ron Ekundayo - QR

Ronald S Waife - Waife & Associates, Inc.

Roopa - Signant Health

Rosanne Clayton - CTCA

Rose Sanchez - Science 37

Roslyn F. Schneider MD - Theravance Biopharma

Ross Jackson

Rouf - Self

Roumengous Solange

Roxana Rusu - Javara

Roxana Stain Fedorovici - Signant Health

Rudolf Malle - Weill Cornell Medical College

Rupam Debnath - myOnsite Healthcare

Russell John - WCG Clinical

Ruth Lemus

Ryan Bowe - Signant Health

Ryan Helber - Hoag Orthopedics

Ryan Michaud

Sabina Petrila - Signant Health

Sally Berri Pratt - ZOLL

Sally Vernon - Rock Pigeon


Samantha Clark - Clinical Ink

Samantha Moyer - Greenphire

Samuel Schendel - Signant Health

Sandeep Bhat - CGI

Sandie Hampton - Complion, Inc.

Sandra Kerwood - Signant Health

Sandy - Signant Health

Sanjeev Sachdeva

Sara Lichtenfels-Reimer - ERT

Sara Mogavero - Boehringer Ingelheim

Sarah Andrews - Signant health

Sarah Ebner - Investigtor Support Services

Sarah Lyons - Signant Health

Sarah McKeown-Cannon - Langland

Sarah Pritchard - COUCH Health

Sarah Turpie - SnapMD

Saulius Bartkus - Signant Health

Sayaka Machizawa - Signant Health

Scott Bradley - Novartis

Scott Burgher - Accenture

Scott Cassidy - ERT

Scott Connor - Signant Health

Scott Hardin - ValidCare

Scott Miltenberger - Clinical Ink

Scott Pullen - Signant Health

Scott Treiber - Synteract

Scott Whitney - Signant Health

Sean D. Hillyer - eResearch Technology

Sean Gates - Signant Health

Sean Vassilaros - THREAD

Sehulong Robert Moraba - Synexus South Africa

Serban P. Georgescu

Seth Schulman - SLS Pharma Consulting

Shadi B Zoghi - ERT

Shahab Q. Khokhar - DRK Pharma Solutions GmbH

Shailesh Raichura - Signant Healtth

Shamim Memon - SynergyGroup US, LLC

Shanna Kennedy - VAMP Veteran Accuracy Mobile Phlebotomy

Sharon Terry - PXE International

Sharyn Gogel - Signant Health

Shauna Walker - Bayer

Shawn Malloy - Curebase

Shayla Desautels - Care Access Research

Sheena Dempsey - Syneos Health

Shelly Barnes - UCB

Sheri A Alleyne - Horizon Research Group LLC

Sherilyn Walker - Trevi Research

Sherri Frazier - Clinical Ink

Sherri Stuart - Worldwide Clinical Trials

Shibu Bhattarai - VirTrial

Shilkumar Nagalgave - Naipunya clinsol LLP

Shivani Shah - DM Clinical Research

Shizuka Hansson - Viedoc Technologies

Silvia Chia - Science37

Simon Wilson - Medidata

Siobhan Moore

Skip Rosenthal - Mevion Medical Systems

Skip Rosenthal - Mevion Medical Systems

Sloane Smith-Saunders

Sofia Lim-Oliver - Signant Health

Sofoklis Kyriazakos - INNOVATION SPRINT

Sonal Negi - IQVIA

Sonia Ortner - ERT

Sonika Kapur Joneja - Johnson Controls

Sonja Fine - VirTrial

Soo Bang

Sophia Samuels-Ellis - AstraZeneca

Sophie Mepham - Icon Group

Sophie Spalding - Greenphire

Srikanth Yarlagadda - Signanthealth

Srinivas - SnapMD

Srinivas Sashidhar K - myOnsite Healthcare, LLC

Srinivasa Rao Vikram - ERT Inc

Stacey Klump - Clearwater Cardiovascular Consultants

Staci McDonald - Celerion

Stefanie Kuhner - Bristol-Myers Squibb

Steph Bambury - Medidata

Stephan Cichos - Bayer AG

Stephanie Abbott - Lido Inc

Stephanie Abbott - Western Washington Medical Group

Stephanie Clark - J&J

Stephanie Petrone - Navigate Clinical

Stephen Thompson - IQVIA

Steve Akillian - ERT

Steve Heath - Steve Heath Consulting Ltd

Steve Satek - Great Lakes Clinical Trials

Steven Geller MD - Centennial Medical Group

Stone Blacka - Evolution Research Group

Storm Stillman - Curebase

Stuart Green - Signant Health

Sue Jepson - University Orthopedics Center

Sue Maino - Maino Consulting Int'l

Suky Sandhu - Icon

Sundas Butt - Signant Health

Suneetha Argi - spencer Health Solutions

Suraj C. Oomman

Susan - ABD Bio

Susan - ABD Bio

Susan Bornstein - Pfizer

Susan Colar - Tri-County Research, Inc

Susan Hein - The Concinnity Company

Susan Hein - The Concinnity Company

Susan Light - Bristol Myers Squibb

Susan LoPiccolo - ERT

Susan Owen - Cytokinetics

Susan Redding - Greenphire

Susan Sentman - Bristol Myers Squibb

Susan Suarez - THREAD

Susanne Hults - ERT

Susanne Parke -

Susie Robinson - Signant Health

Suzanne Besaw - Bayer

Suzanne Bishop - eClinical Forum

Suzanne Holland - Signant Health

Suzie Harvey - Signant Health

Svetlana Vodicka - ERT

Swapnil Rao - Clinicalink

Swati Mishra - ERT

Syed Shah - Transformative Pharmaceutical Solutions (TPS)

T Hephner - THREAD Research

T.J. Sharpe - Medidata Solutions

Tabitha Holnaider - eResearch Technology

Talia Hight - Topography Health

Tamara Nelson

Tameka S. Smith, MHA,CCRC

Tammy Parrott - Southeast Clinical

Tammy Tate Beaty

Tanesia Cross Sylvestre - Intervent Clinical Research Center

Tanya Botta - Signant Health

Tanya Jordan - CTCA

Tara Schweizer - CVS Health

Taren Grom - PharmaVOICE

Taren Mordas - Signant Health

Tarquin Scadding-Hunt - MDGROUP

Tayo Davies - Med Clinical Research Partners, LLC

Temesgen Dessalegn - SignantHealth

Teresa Alfama - Signant Health

Terrie Conklin RN, CCRC - Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters

Terry Schulze - ERT

Thamar Draper - TrialScope

Thania Padova - Signant Health

Theresa LoRusso, MBA - Remote Review, LLC

Theresa Minniear - CTCA-MRMC


Thomas Buckley - Clinical Ink

Thomas Imhoff

Thomas Sinikangas - Signant Health

Thomas Verish - CSL Behring

Thomas Wicks - TrialScope, Inc.

Thorsten Finck - eResearchTechnology GmbH

Tiesha Chance-Johnson - ERT

Tiffany McGinnis - Bayer

Tiffany Thompson - Signant Health

Tim Davies - Wren Healthcare

Tim Hynes - IBX

Timo Tyrvainen - Signant Health

Timothy Bailey - AMCR Institute

Timothy Capinski - Signant Health

Timothy Chen - Medidata Solutions

Timothy Corbett-Clark - Cmed

Timur Gaitov - VirTrial

Tina Caruana - Medrio

Tina Cotic - Signant Health

Tina DiVitantonio - Signant Health

Titilola Norman-Salako - Care Access

Todd Albin - Cedar Health Research, LLC

Todd Cohen - Clinical Ink

Todd Feaster - Signant Health

Todd Greenwood - Medullan

Todd Harnett - THREAD

Todd Tullis - Veeva

Todor Ginchev - Signant Health

Tom Hume - RARE-X

Tom Jacobson - Apsida

Tom Krohn -

Tommi Roos - Signant Health

Toni Dearnley - ERT

Tony Quinones - Bright Path Laboratories


Tori Furner - Icon Group

Tracey Larrow - Clinical Ink

Traci Griffin - Bayer

Traci Mans - Signant Health

Tracie Carter - mdgroup

Tricia Bradley - ERT

Trisha Kumar - Signant Health

Trzaska - Clinsante

Tyler Payne - Elligo Health Research

Tyn Mulder - Tyn

Ulla Huopaniemi - Signant Health

Uma Shankar Basavaraj - THREAD Research

Upinder Grewal - Bayer

Valdo Arnera - ERT

Valerie Bowling - DPHARM and Patients as Partners

Valli - IQVIA

Vanessa Aulnette - PPD

Venkatesh Thammanaboina - SignantHealth

Vera Rulon - Tir Health Advisors LLC

Victor Acatrinei - Signant Health

Victoria Churchill - Science 37

Victoria Refermat - SCRS

Vidhi Goel - AiCure

Vijay Neti - Accenture

Vijay Parthasarathy - Novo Nordisk India Private Ltd.

Viktorya Stebenkova - Signant Health

Vinny Napoli - Care Access Research

Viorela Budianu - Signanthealth

Viviana Hargis RN, CCRC - Chattanooga Medical Research

Viviane Rezende - SANOFI

Vivienne van de Walle - VivHo BV

Wayne Baker - Greenphire

Wayne Carter - TVAX Biomedical

Wendy Morahan - Anju Software

Wes Bonner - Meridian Clinical Research

Wes Michael - Rare Patient Voice

Wesley Degraen - ERT

Wessam Sonbol - Delve Health

Will Charlton - 89bio

Will Combs - Clinical Ink

William A. Calderwood - ERT

William Chrvala - Mid Hudson Medical Research

William Jacobson - Harmony Biosciences

Willie Muehlhausen - Muehlhausen Ltd

Wolfgang Summa - Merck Healthcare KGaA

Xuemei Eichmann - Bayer

Yomar Medina - SnapMD

Yusuf Ghadiali - Biogen

Yvette Wang

Zaida Bisbal - Baylor College of Medicine

Zerina Tomkins - University of Melbourne

Ziv Cahani - DALI Medical Devices

Zohair Harianawala - DM Clinical Research

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